22nd of June, Birth of Alison Smithson.


3rd March, Birth of Peter Smithson.


Alison and Peter marry after meeting whilst studying Architecture at Durham University. Both Alison and Peter begin their careers working as Architects for the London County Council. 


The Smithsons join Architectural collective Team-X and establish the core of their own design philosophy - ‘The New Brutalism’, derived from the use of the material ‘Beton Brut’- rough cast concrete. There is also a suggestion that the term is partly derived from Peter Smithsons nickname- Brutus.


Following the baby boom and the creation of a new form of school, 'Secondary modern’, the Smithsons set up their own practice winning a commission for the design and construction of Hunstanton in Norfolk.  


Greater London Council commissions Alison and Peter Smithson to begin work on the design of new scheme in Poplar East London. The site had several constraints that previously saw the development of inadequate housing Victorian Housing.


Works begin on site.  


The first tenants are Robin Hood gardens move in. 


Regeneration proposals including proposed demolition of Robin Hood Gardens are announced


Application for listing submitted by Twentieth Century Society. 


DCMS grants building a five year Certificate Of Immunity (COI) from listing on the  advice of  Historic England (then English Heritage) meaning that the local authority was able to approve an application for its demolition despite a preservation campaign launched by hundreds of Architects including Lord Richard Rodgers and the late Zaha Hadid (COI Ref: 1396625)


DCMS urged to revive decision, a decision upheld. Historic England published a short film establishing reasons why Robin Hood Gardens does not meet the criteria for listing. 


Twentieth Century society publishes ‘Robin Hood Gardens: Re-visions’ to raise awareness of the campaign. 


‘Blackwall Reach’ regeneration starts on site.                    

Certificate of immunity expires, giving campaigners a second chance to apply for Listed building status. London Borough of Tower Hamlets applies to Historic England for renewal. Historic England provides the 20th Century  Society and CABE (Committee for Architecture and the  Built Environment) with consultation report as part of COI (Certificate of Immunity) process. 


Existing residents begin to decant to Phase 1a- Camellia House and Blashill Court. 


A new report published by the twentieth-century society, claims the decision not to protect the first time around was ill-judged. 


October. Phase 1b of the Blackwall Reach regeneration scheme starts on site.


November. DCMS Grants further five-year Certificate of Immunity on the advice of Historic England (Ref: 1422823)


Late December. Demolition begins on Eastern Block, 1-213 Robin Hood Gardens. 


January. V&A announces the acquisition of three storey section of the building and begin to salvage prefabricated components on site. 


March. V&A announces the installation of acquisition as part of the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. 


Autumn. Remaining tenants of 114-215 Robin Hood Gardens expected to be decanted.


Demolition of 114-215 Robin Hood Gardens scheduled to commence. 

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